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What Wine For Weddings

Need to pick the right wedding wine? Top tips on how to choose wines to impress your guests

The type of wine to serve is a difficult question to answer as there are many variables to take into consideration. To help you decide between red, white and rosé, here are just some of the points you may want think about when making your selection:

  • What time of year is the wedding? Warmer reds can be a good option for late autumn and winter weddings, whereas a lighter white or rosé can be preferential for spring and summer occasions.
  • What are you serving for your main course? Some wines go better with certain dishes than others eg. robust reds work best with beef and lamb; white wine complements chicken and seafood very well.

One very important detail to check initially with your venue is whether they allow you to bring in your own wines or whether you must make your selection from their range of house wines. If you bring in your own, be certain to check the corkage fee for each bottle as any savings made by purchasing wine outside the venue, may be taken up by this additional service charge.

Lastly, consider the type of wine you like to drink. Remember it is your special day, so make sure that you will enjoy partaking of the wines chosen

You’ve decided on which wines to serve, but how much do you need?

The question of how much wine to serve can depend on your guests and what you know of their drinking habits, although there are some general guidelines to follow to help you to estimate the amount you need. Once you know how many adults will be attending the reception, a good rule of thumb is to allow for a half bottle of wine for each adult for a lunchtime meal and three quarters of a bottle of wine for an evening meal. For example:

A lunchtime meal for 60 guests – 60 x 0.5 = 30 bottles

Of course, some guests will drink more, others less but this should ensure that you have enough to last from starters through to dessert. It is usually better to plan on too much than too little wine as unopened bottles in saleable condition should be able to be returned to the seller for a refund.

In the case of champagne or other bubbly for toasts, there are usually six flutes of wine in each bottle. Once you have decided how many toasts you will have (arriving at the reception venue, after dinner, when the cake is cut), you can then calculate how many glasses you need per adult guest and then how many bottles.

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