Wedding Cakes

Traditional or contemporary, make your wedding cake a beautiful focal point in your wedding venue

Three-tiered, fruit wedding cakes have long been the tradition but they are no longer the only option when it comes to choosing this wonderful part of the celebration. In addition to the flavour and decoration of the cake there are a few other things to consider in order to make the most of this beautiful (and delicious) decoration.

  • Your budget – wedding cakes are a considerable investment and it is best to set yourself a budget before you start shopping to help you to focus your search
  • Transportation – Since your cake or at least the icing on it will be very delicate, you want it to arrive at your venue in one piece. To save yourself some worry, you may want to check if your baker offers a delivery to venue service.
  • Display at the venue – Don’t hide the cake in a corner! Although you don’t want the cake sitting in the way of any guests, make sure it is well lit so that it can be seen at its best.
  • Cutting the cake – Although the tradition is to cut the cake after the end of the wedding breakfast, you can always save this tradition until later in the evening when guests are no longer full from a three course meal and any evening-only guests have arrived.

Choosing a wedding cake – creating a cake as unique as you are!

The cake is an expected part of the celebration but this does not mean it has to be traditional or boring! Cake specialists can work with you to create a centrepiece which fits perfectly with all of the other details and designs for the day, taking cues from the bride’s or the bridesmaid’s dresses, flowers, or the overall colour scheme for the event.

Many couples are now opting for non-fruit cakes, one with a mixture of sponge and fruit or something different entirely. Here are just some of the more contemporary options:

  • Plain sponge
  • Chocolate sponge
  • Lemon sponge
  • Carrot cake
  • Lemon and poppy seed sponge
  • Red velvet sponge

Since these options are a lot lighter than the traditional fruit cakes, a lighter icing option can be used such as buttercream, which in turn opens up the options for decoration. Once you have chosen your flavours be sure to taste test samples from your baker so that you know that the cake will taste as good as it looks!

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