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Seven Points To Consider For Top Event Catering

Planning an event can be complicated, with lots of organising in lots of areas, all of which need to come together at the same time.  A key area is the catering for your event.  Here, we talk about seven essential areas that you need to consider to help make the catering – and your event – a success.

1. Location

Where will you be having your event?  You need to make sure the event is large enough to host all of your guests.  You also need to make sure there is sufficient room and facilities to prepare and serve your food.

2. For how many people will you be catering?

A larger group may allow you to offer a wider selection of dishes but may favour dishes that are easier to produce in large quantities.  A smaller group may allow you to offer a more bespoke dining experience.

3. How will your food be served?

For a more formal event, a traditional sit down approach with tabled diners and waiting staff might strike the right tone.  Alternatively, a more social or more relaxed event may benefit from a buffet style approach, allowing your guests an opportunity to mingle with other guests more easily.

4. Hot or cold?

Your choice here may depend on the number of diners, the time of day and the time of year.  For a winter event, hot foods might help banish the chill.  For a summer event, salads may be more appropriate.

5. Dietary requirements

Ensure you are aware of any dietary requirements of your guests.  It is advisable to get a good feel for the number of guests who are vegetarian, or gluten intolerant or who have any allergies.  A well catered event will ensure all dietary requirements are met with minimal food waste.  It is worth dealing with a catering expert, such as Gourmet Foods, to advise what you can do here.

6. Preparation, equipment and clear up

There is a lot of work around the catering of an event.  Food will need to be prepared and laid out before hand, or served during the event.  Clear up will be needed at the end.  You will need appropriate crockery and cutlery.  A full catering service can supply all the equipment you need and take care of the clean up afterwards.  Peace of mind, indeed.

7. The food itself!

There is so much variety you can consider here.  After considering the above points, you are in a better position to think about what can be offered.  A traditional roast dinner, contemporary cuisine from around the world, a varied selection of finger foods… The choice is yours.  To help with your decisions, speaking to an experienced caterer, such as Gourmet Foods, and asking for sample menus can be the key to providing the best food for your guests and for your event.

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